How to choose the most reliable seller on Aliexpress

AliExpress marketplace offers buyer protection that is very valuable while making an international order, especially from China when you cannot be 100% sure you will get warranty for every item you purchase. Although AliExpress quite a reliable online store you need to stay alert of online fraudsters and to choose a seller carefully. Take a look at the main points that you should pay attention to while shopping at AliExpress:

Time registered on AliExpress

Check the date the store was opened, and of course the older the date, more reliable the seller will be. Every trustworthy store is interested in its customers and if it’s registered on AliExpress long time ago it means that it’s going to run serious business. Opt for these kinds of online shops while making an order of expensive goods.

Feedback score

Feedback score shows you different number of stars, the level of customer service and sales support. If the star is high the store is highly reliable and well-established. It means that they care about their customers and are of online service any time you request. Positive feedback is a percentage of satisfied customers in the past half year. Choose the store with the highest value, but also take into account that new sellers always will have almost 100% positive feedback as they haven’t sold too many products yet and it means they do not have real feedback of end customers.

Seller rating

The best and quick way to judge the seller is the golden Top-rated Seller badge given by AliExpress every month to the best store. To get this badge the company needs to provide great customer service and be reliable at all points. On the product page in the top you can also find Detailed seller ratings, that shows you real shop ratings at different characteristics:

  • item as described;
  • communication;
  • shipping speed.


When you purchase goods at AliExpress take into account not only sellers rating but also fresh reviews on the item and the store itself. This will help you make the right choice, so that product quality meets your personal requirements. All this information you can find at the product page.

Number of sold products

To stay safe from scammers always pay your attention to the amount of sold items from this particular store. It would be even better to estimate the reliability of the seller by comparing its sold products quantity and also customer feedback.

Realistic order conditions

Do not be scammed when you see the lowest price than any other store can offer you and also if super expensive goods are offered to be delivered for free. These points do not work for reliability of the seller and every time you notice something like these extremely profitable offers just do not go for it. The best way to estimate the real average price for goods is to compare several sellers.

Guaranteed genuine

If you are going to purchase an expensive and branded goods you need to check seller’s warranty, you can find it at the product page. This Guaranteed genuine tag ensures that if the product is counterfeit the customer gets full refund.

Communication with seller

We also recommend contacting the seller before buying a product. You can ask sale support service several questions regarding goods delivery, return policy, details and characteristics via online chat. If the response is swift and clear you may not hesitate of purchasing the product.